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People should choose products with less packaging?

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It is thought that using package is a vital substance to merchants, while an extraordinary amount of rubbish is overcrowded in dumps. To me, this has its two sides. 


Packaging is one of the four key factors that leads any product to success. First, it’s the packaging that attracts potential customers among various merchandises when they go shopping. It has an impact not only on aestheticism but also on physical protection against breaking, moisture, dust, temperature changes, etc. Lastly, with medical or food products, packaging also helps transmit information about usage, storage condition or warning, which is required by most governments. In short, packaging serves multiple practical uses and purposes. 


However, it is undeniable that abuse of packaging has serious drawbacks. Opposite to the original wish of the innovator of nylon bags, plastic packaging is one of the main causes of environmental pollution. It’s widely known that microplastic particles are in marine animals, and we eat them, so are there any differences with the fact that we’re harming ourselves? A primary example of packaging abuse is in many supermarkets, they use up to 7 layers of nylon cover just to sell a piece of meat. 


Many prestigious brands are having profound impact on this to avoid the cons of packaging abuse. Unilever, the consortium that owns top brands like Dove or Vaseline, is also passing and implementing the law that reduces and reuse bags as much as possible. Nowadays, in Vietnam, eco-friendly soaps, dishwashing chemicals,… are overwhelming the others. There’re many stations requiring buyers to bring their own bottle to refill shampoo or dishwashing liquid instead of purchasing a new one. Totally, we should use the package at the right frequency. 


Writing by Hoàng Anh Minh


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