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Lettler in a bottle – by Tùng Linh

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Lettler in a bottle - by Tùng Linh

Letter in a bottle – by Tùng Linh


86 Dawn Street,




To whom it may concern,


If you’re reading this letter then I’m probably stuck in the middle of a deserted island somewhere between England and Vietnam because I would be in England as of right now if things didn’t go wrong.

Some hours before I wrote this letter, I was on a plane going to England for leisure purposes when the pilots of the plane decided to parachute jump and leave the plane to a person who’s just learned how to pilot the bird. Fortunately, the new pilot handled the situation exceedingly well and saved everyone… except for me. I was sitting on the chair closest to the plane’s door when a flight assistant accidentally opened the door because the plane tilted. The plane then tilted again and I went ”peeeeeeeeewwwww” to the caring hands of the trees on the island.

At the time, the sky was blue clear with some gusts of wind that shook the leaves and tilted the trees, letting me down to the ground. Now that I noticed, the trees are very tall and leafy. I walked towards the shimmering light that shone through the leaves, which led me to a beach with sandy white sand and crystal clear water. The temperature here is quite warm and tepid, falling in about 37 degrees C. On the island, I found some crabs and fishes near the beach. I also found some coconuts and exotic fruits high up in the trees. I knew that I would need a shelter in the long run so I ventured deep in the treesome area and found a cave. If you happen to stumble across this adventurous letter in a bottle then please contact a search party and my parents on the address shown to update my status. I would love to return home as soon as possible.


Your unfortunate islander


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