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Letter in a bottle – by Tuệ Anh

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Lettler in a bottle - by Tuệ Anh

Letter in a bottle – by Tuệ Anh





Dear anyone who received this letter,

Hello, I’m Tue Anh, merely a guitarist who’s going to Japan for a concert. Everything was fine, I sailed on a cruise with my bandmates, having such a fun time. Until, everything turned black. I have no idea what happened. I woke up and saw myself lying in the middle of a forest. But is it a normal forest…?

My bandmates woke up after, they panicked, but I calmed them down and decided to look around to see what’s this place. Wow, this forest was beautiful! There were flowers everywhere, there were even enormous mushroom species! Near the forest, there was a small village for frogs and… even nymphs and fairies! The fairies with huge wings were sitting on the mushrooms, having a tea break. The long haired water nymphs were bathing in the glowing stream near the village. Everything was so peaceful and magical! When the fairies saw us, they led us to a crystal cave – which is a very comfortable and pretty place. They offered us homemade soup and fresh water. At midnight, we went stargazing together. It was a marvelous sight.

I wish i could stay here forever, but I can’t ignore the concert. If you received this letter, please call the rescue team! We owe you a huge thank.


Tue Anh – Moca

– Tuệ Anh –

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