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Special points in the traditional culture of the countries that every tourist and international student should pay attention to (Asian countries)

          Like in Vietnam, in the other cultures, countries around the world also have special rules that need to be taken into account. So, if you like moving or prepare to study abroad, you need to study this issue in advance so that no unfortunate accidents will occur. Here are the points to consider in eating or everyday actions in some countries that Sworld has learned.

Let’s take a look!


          Japan is a highly disciplined country, and it is also an extremely civilized and polite country. However, not every action here follows that principle, even actions that in most countries of the world are considered to be less galant.

First, Japanese people will not yield seats to the elderly, women on the subway or public transport. This does not come from people with chairs but the problem here comes from those who do not have chairs. They think that having someone give their seat to them is to consider them old, unwell and they don’t want it. So, if you travel or study in Japan, travel on public transport, you should absolutely not give up your seat to others, even though in traditional Vietnamese culture it is considered a must-do thing.

Secondly, in Vietnam, picking up food for others is showing consideration but in Japan, they abstain from this. The reason is that maybe the dish you pick up is something they don’t like and your chopsticks which you are eating and grabbing for others is unsanitary.

In addition there are some other small notes such as not using public toothpicks, no tips for employees, not asking other people ‘s salary, ….

Những điểm đặc biệt tại nền văn hóa truyền thống các nước mà mọi du khách và du học sinh cần lưu ý
Special points in the traditional culture of the Asian countries


          Along with the Hallyu movement, Korea is a tourist destination that attracts many young people to come here. But before you set foot in this land of kimchi, you need to pimp some taboos not to be made here to avoid unfortunate mistakes.

The first is in public places like movie theaters, subways, commercial centers, … then you should not cause noise, you have to comply absolutely queueing culture

The second thing to pay special attention to is courtesy during meals. In traditional Korean culture, they will judge others through the behaviors that the person shows during the meal. Koreans when eating never bow up the bowls and will often lean down to face down to eat, even when souping up they will use a spoon. This is a little contrary to the Vietnamese culture because in Vietnam, it is not polite to eat with a bend down face. When drinking alcohol, you should not pour yourself and pour it to others. When others pour it for you, you have to lift it up and lift it with 2 hands. Another point when pouring wine should be noted is not to put the mouth of the bottle to the cup, because according to traditional Korean culture, it is a way to pour wine for the deceased. Normally, during the first meal, Koreans will pay, and the next time anyone asks, the person will pay. It needs to agree beforehand, because if people fight to pay, it will be considered impolite.

Some other special points of note are when writing other people’s names, they cannot use red pens because it is a color of death (unlike Vietnam, which considers red as a lucky color), not to give gifts to others as shoes because giving shoes will carry leaving meaning, number 4 is unlucky number, …

Những điểm đặc biệt tại nền văn hóa truyền thống các nước mà mọi du khách và du học sinh cần lưu ý
Special points in the traditional culture of the Asian countries


          Traditional Chinese culture and traditional Vietnamese culture have quite a few similarities but there are still differences that you need to keep in mind.

In daily communication, when shaking hands, absolutely do not tighten hands but need to loosen gently (in stark contrast to the West), when someone gives you a business card, you need to receive them with both hands and read them before storing in the bag.

When eating and drinking, you absolutely cannot knock chopsticks on the bowl to make a sound because the Chinese people consider it to be the beggar’s actions,  that shows the sincerity. If you come to China to work, remember to choose a luxury hotel a bit because Chinese people will rate you through your hotel. The first sentence that Chinese people ask you before starting negotiations will be “What hotel are you staying at?”

Some of the taboos in Chinese customs are not to bite or cut noodles on birthdays because they think this will lead to premature death, not to wash their hair on the first day of the new year because it will remove luck, do not share pears (especially with relatives and friends) because in Chinese phonetics, “sharing pears” is homogenous with the word “farewell”, similarly, that is, you cannot borrow the umbrella because it is identical to the word “divorce”

Những điểm đặc biệt tại nền văn hóa truyền thống các nước mà mọi du khách và du học sinh cần lưu ý
Special points in the traditional culture of the Asian countries


          Thailand has long been a popular tourist destination for the Vietnamese people because of its beautiful scenery, reasonable prices and delicious food. However, this is a Buddhist country and there is still a constitutional monarchy, so you need to take note of the following to avoid being made funnier or even worse than can violate the law.

In Thailand, the king and the royal family are highly respected by the people, so you must not have jokes or pointers or disparaging attitudes. Also, you are not allowed to step on a banknote or a coin has a king on it. If you do the above, you are considered to have offended the king, which could result in a fine of 3 to 15 years.

Thailand is known as the land of the golden pagoda because there are many beautiful pagodas (even made of gold) and of course, this will be an indispensable place for tourists. When you come to the temple, there will be some notes you need to take care of so that a more perfect tour like for women will not be given directly to the monks, not to sit in the form of legs or face Buddha in the temple house, not wearing three-hole or revealing clothes, …


Những điểm đặc biệt tại nền văn hóa truyền thống các nước mà mọi du khách và du học sinh cần lưu ý
Special points in the traditional culture of the Asian countries

          These are the necessary precautions that you need to consider before traveling or studying in some of Asia’s famous countries. You should learn these things carefully to avoid falling into difficult situations or even worse is violating the law.


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